Each staff member at Discovery School accepts responsibility for the maintenance of discipline and the promotion of a program for the development of wholesome human relations. Personal qualities emphasized include "Honesty," "Effort," "Responsibility," and "Respect." Student behavior is expected to reflect these qualities and comply with New Jersey State Law and Board of Education policies. The staff requests parental support in helping maintain appropriate conduct in the school.


  1. Respect all people and living things.
  2. Learn to treat others in a good way that makes them feel like coming to our school.
  3. Become a part of the daily routinebygreeting others, being able to get to the classroom, taking care of our school equipment and be able to do for yourself (put oncoat).
  4. Come to school to learn and learn to get along with others.
  5. Behave in the classroom, on the bus, at the playground, at lunch and special events.
  6. Dress for learning requires that students wear good fitting and comfortable clothes. Clothes that are manageable for them and that are able to get "dirty". Proper shoes that fit (sneakers) and are safe to run in. Make sure that clothes are appropriate for the season.
  7. Come to school on time and willing to learn.
  8. Electronic devices, toys, and games may not be used or visible during the regular school day unless authorized by a teacher / principal for a learning activity (e.g.showand tell). Please note that the school will incur no liability, financial or otherwise, such private property becomes lost or damaged.


  1. Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself, all the time.
  2. Listen and pay attention to the adults in the room by remembering the" high five" rules: a) keep hands to yourself. b)listenwith your ears, c) eyes on the person talking, d) keep feet on the floor and) lips closed.
  3. Learn where to put your things and leave other's belongings alone unless you have permission to touch or take.
  4. The classroom is for everyone. You must share things, wait your turn, and do your work the way the teacher tells you to.
  5. You must use good health habits such as: washing hands,correctly coveringwhen sneezing or coughing, and no spitting.
  6. Class work is important. Always do your best and ask lots of questions.

Outside the classroom

  1. Use safe play in the playground area and equipment.
  2. Follow the rules and learn how to use the playground equipment.
  3. Wait your turn to use playground equipment.
  4. Do not throw things at the playground that are not a part of a game from your teacher.
  5. No jumping off equipment on the playground or in school.
  6. Use the sliding board correctly seated and in a forward position.
  7. Field trips/assemblies - respect the property, stay with your teacher, and learn about the event.
  8. Bus ride- be seated properly and wear your seat belt. Behave as if you were in the classroom. Respect the bus driver as you do your teacher and parent.
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