Arrival and Dismissal



All children will enter through the main entrance in the front of the building and proceed directly to their classrooms. If you accompany your child to school, please be advised that no one may enter the building before 8:15 AM for the morning pre-k and kindergarten sessions or before 11:55 AM for the afternoon pre-k session unless prearranged with the building principal or classroom teacher. Also, we ask that you do not accompany your child to the classroom. One of our primary goals is to develop independence in the children as they adjust to life in school. Please assist us in this matter.


All children will be placed on the appropriate school bus unless:

  • Notification is received that the parent will pick up his/her child.
  • A request for a temporary or permanent bus change is received 72 hours prior to the date change and approved by the transportation office.

Late Arrival

Never "drop-off"your child at school unattended. If your child is late, you MUST accompany him/her to the office and sign your child in.

DO NOT STOP OR PARK AT THE YELLOW CURB AREA IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL. Please use the parking lots located at either end of the building.

Never leave a younger sibling in an unattended car. Violators will be reported to the local police.

Picking Up Your Child From School

You must notify the main office or classroom teacher if you are picking up your child at the conclusion of the regular school day. Please wait outside, in the front of the building, after the classroom teacher or educational assistant has placed the other children on their respective buses, your child will be "personally delivered" to you.

If you intend to pick-up your child from school before the scheduled end of the school day, we ask that you pick up your child before 2:00 PM. Please notify the classroom teacher in writing of your intention so that your child may be ready when you arrive.

At all times, you must sign your child out at the main office. Please do not go to your child's classroom. When you enter the school, report to the main office. The classroom teacher will be notified.

If someone other than a parent is picking up your child at school, you must telephone the office ahead of time to advise them of the person's name and their relationship to the child (aunt, nephew, friend, etc.). Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Select someone who is familiar to your child and whom your child will recognize.
  • Advise the person picking up your child that they must have some form of picture identification with them and that they will be asked to prove their identity.
  • A child will not be released to any person whom the child does not recognize, regardless of the inconvenience this may cause the parent. This is a matter of safety.
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